7.27.2017 NSF Awards Illinois $3M for Interdisciplinary Graduate Student Training

Program to form new insight on the brain, expand participation in field of brain science.
7.25.2017 Cognitive Cross-Training Enhances Learning, Study Finds

Illinois professor Aron Barbey led a study that examined how cognitive cross-training affects...

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7.25.2017 Physical Activity Could Combat Fatigue, Cognitive Decline in Cancer Survivors

Illinois postdoctoral researcher Diane Ehlers and professor emeritus Edward McAuley found that...

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7.24.2017 Lutein May Counter Cognitive Aging, Study Finds

Lutein may play a protective role against age-related cognitive decline, suggests a study by...

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7.19.2017 Massive Simulation Shows HIV Capsid Interacting With its Environment

Physics professor Klaus Schulten and postdoctoral researcher Juan R. Perilla conducted a 64-...

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7.18.2017 Study: Omega-3 fatty Acids Fight Inflammation via Cannabinoids

Graduate student Josephine Watson, professor Aditi Das, graduate student Megan Corbett,...

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7.11.2017 Cancer Center at Illinois set to coordinate UI's effort in fight

There's some new muscle on the way in the war on cancer. The new Cancer Center at Illinois is...

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7.06.2017 New Crop Awarded: Carle Illinois Collaborative Research Seed Funding Program

Jointly funded projects address the partnerships’ priorities in clinical and translational...

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7.05.2017 New Cancer Center at Illinois Unites Powerhouse Programs, Facilities, and Researchers

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have a long history of innovation...

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6.30.2017 Paper: New mothers abused by partners at greater risk of suicidal thoughts

A study led by University of Illinois social work professor Karen M. Tabb Dina found that...

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